RAR Interpreter Services Awareness Campaign

Advertising, Design, Digital, Public Relations, Research, Strategy
About This Project

Stanford Marketing was engaged by Rural Australians for Refugees to develop an Interpreter Services Awareness Campaign for Greater Bendigo. The research program included the following six stages:

  • Inception and Planning Phase
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Research
  • Interim Report
  • Development of a Model Toolkit
  • Program Evaluation
  • Final Report

The objective of this campaign was to educate and inform local businesses about how and when they can use interpreter services to ensure that residents of refugee background and people from non- English speaking backgrounds feel welcome and understand the services being offered to them. The Advocacy Model was developed as a pilot program to assist these groups in regional areas and across Victoria.

The Model Toolkit developed by Stanford Marketing included:

  • an awareness campaign tactical plan with step by step instructions for users
  • fact sheets and brochures
  • key messages
  • print and digital advertisements and templates
  • video
  • radio script
  • social media posts and schedule template
  • workshop template and invitations
  • media release template
  • a business information pack with 7 print-ready fact sheets from TIS National, and a brochure